The jury for the festival is composed of film and video professionals (programme producers, film directors, etc.) and free flight specialists.

Prisca ARI, Madagascar

Prisca ARI, (Madagascar)

Originally from Madagascar, self-taught director, won two awards at the Icares du cinema in 2018 and 2019 and president of the Zazak'Ailes association which trains Malagasy children in paragliding. Paraglider pilot since 2015. Works with the Les Gens d'Air paragliding school.

Mirosław Dembiński (Pologne)

Mirosław DEMBINSKI (Pologne)

Director and producer. He has made some thirty films, many of them on the theme of mountain sports, and has received more than 80 awards from international film festivals. For his latest work, "Still Flying ...", he won the Icarus Coup de Coeur in 2019.

Hubert DE CHEVIGNY, France

Hubert DE CHEVIGNY (France)

Explorer aviator: pioneer of free flight then of the ULM is best known for his expeditions to the Pole which he first reached in ULM (magnetic PN 1982) then with expedition planes of his design (geographic PN 1986, 1987, 2001).

Jean-Michel ARA-SOMOHANO (France)

Jean-Michel ARA-SOMOHANO (France)

Audiovisual professional - Journalist image reporter editor - Press photographer.
Took part in the Icares du Cinéma 2016 with the film "Near the peaks".
A former member of the French Paragliding team, he has flown over the globe for nearly fifteen years at the discretion of the stages of the PWCA World Cup.
Regular contributor to the French magazine “Parapente Plus”.

Loïc BLAISE, France

Loïc Blaise (France)


An aviator and explorer familiar with extreme challenges, despite crippling multiple sclerosis, he completed the 1st round of the Arctic Circle with cosmonaut Valery Tokarev, aboard a prototype ultralight seaplane. Loïc faces in his flesh an emergency that echoes that of our planet.
"Golden Fleece for Adventurer of the Year" and medalist of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale in 2018.