Aerial sports perform on the big screen! Travel log, portrait of an exceptional man or woman, adventure, preformance, animated film or scenario… Each has a story to tell and expresses a true passion for flying.

For its 38th edition, the Icares of Cinema received a lot of films. Not all will be projected during the Festival !

In actuality, every film is viewed by a selection committee that determine which entries are the best for the Official Festival projections to the general public.

Out of 70 films registered, 19 were selected for the official selection :

Here the 19 films of official selection :

Film maker :
Richard Sidey
37 Faulks Terrace
9305 Wanaka

Five "Kiwis" embark on a paragliding adventure in Tanzania, with the aim of flying from Kilimanjaro.

Film maker :
Brandon Russell

Film retracing the history of the pioneers who gave birth to unpowered human flight, and made it accessible to all.

Film maker :
Manuel Mateo Lajarin

Flying master and king of the skies of the Pyrenees, the Lammergeier vulture is able to fly in the most adverse weather conditions.

Film maker :
Guillaume Galvani

Producer :
Chooks Prod

Mixture of video games and reality to make people want to dream.

Film maker :

A paraglider pilot pushes the limits of his mind and body during the most daring flight-bivouac in Rocky Mountain history.

Distributor :
Krystel Zapata

Former jet ski world champion and genius handyman, Franky Zapata tackled the flight over the English Channel, following in the footsteps of his idol, Louis Blériot.

Film maker :
Vladimir Cellier

Three extreme sports teams meet in Croatia for a new feat: jumping into a giant crater with ropes and parachutes.

Film maker :
Julien Le Bollo'ch

Special confinement "Stay at home": a fabulous and humorous indoor paragliding epic, mixing trekking, nature, and addict …

Film maker :
Paul-Antoine Boudet
48 rue Alsace Lorraine
51100 Reims

They are 5, they are Algerians and they stand out on the stage sporting by winning in a discipline all news in their country, free flight.

Film maker :
Franck Grangette

Mayotte, a splendid overseas territory, is revealed from the sky in an unprecedented documentary, alongside adventurers, parachuting enthusiasts, with strong hearts.

Film maker :
Estelle Gasc
Capitainerie Quai Arthur Rimbaud
66750 Saint Cyprien

Distributor :
Elusse Philippe

The village of Bir Billing, in the north of India, welcoming land for Tibetan refugees, and the Mecca of global paragliding: this is where the Biplaceurs du Monde offer the most disadvantaged the opportunity to discover the joys of flight!

Producer :
Tyler Lee
1515 NW 51st Street
98107 Seattle

The golden age of the wingsuit is upon us. Marshal Miller, Jesse Hall and Sean Chuma take us on the iconic jumps of the Italian Dolomites.

Film maker :
Marc Daréoux

Producer :
Marianne Quéméneur

The beginnings of paragliding in Tunisia, through Abdelhak, a young Tunisian pilot, in search of sites to develop free flight in his country.

Producer :
Jusqu'au Bout de Vos Reves
231 route de la mer
06410 Biot

For a year, the DROP IT team followed Base-jump and Rope-jump practitioners as closely as possible. Offering an intimate and spectacular vision of these practices in breathtaking places.

Producer :
Janire Etxabe
Labeko 1A
48498 Arrankudiaga

Spectacular and aesthetic dance on the vertical walls of a quarry.

Film maker :
Benoît Delfosse
00 32 486 37 31 53

2 of the most experienced paraglider pilots, Thomas de Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens, set out to explore the Spiti valley, in the heart of the Indian Himalayas. An exhilarating adventure!

Producers :
Dino Raffault

Enak Gavaggio

Thibault Gachet

Dive into the heart of the Speedriding universe for an episode where speed rhymes with finesse ...

Film maker :
Olivier Sautet

4 years. That's the time it took to bring together 4 world-class kitesurfers plus 2 photographers and 1 cameraman in Kamchatka, a huge volcanic peninsula in the far east of Russia.

Distibutor :
Tiphaine Radigois - Association Maewan

Producer :
Politur Jonathan - Puzzle Media

Film maker :
Bertrand Delapierre

Nathan Paulin and Antony Newton's objective by embarking on Maewan: to be the first to succeed in a highline between the rocky peaks of the Marquesas Islands, at the end of the world.

The "Escoffier style" is a unique cocktail of lightness, speed and sass. No costly logistics, no tedious reconnaissance, no stress, but bets to the limit.

Two young scientific explorers alerted by the effects of climate change set off for the Arve valley, in the heart of the Alps.